Online Food Ordering System (OFORS)

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We,, invite you to Contact Us to get the login details of the DEMO of OFORS (Online Food Ordering System).

About OFORS:

OFORS is an exciting WordPress-based, smartphone-compatible, database-driven online food ordering system. Everything resides on your own hosting!

No need to use other hosting where you have very little control over your food menu and its administration part.

No need to pay monthly- or yearly-subscription to carry out your day-to-day online restaurant business! OFORS is available for an affordable One-Time payment.

Use OFORS to serve food to your online customers; expand your business!

Use OFORS to allow your customers not just order food items, but also to reserve seats easily!

OFORS has a versatile and powerful back-end Administrator section too!

The Map menu can easily guide your customer to reach your restaurant from where he is!

OFORS is a completely versatile WordPress-based blogging system too. Get blogging along with doing business!

OFORS has two exciting food-menu systems:

1. Indian Style Food Order Menu

2. Western Style Food Order Menu.

Choose any one, or both systems which suits your Restaurant's Menu. For more details and request for the Demo, please use the following links:

Indian Style Food Order Menu System:

Click here to Contact Us to get Demo login details!

Western Style Food Order Menu System:

Click here to Contact Us to get Demo login details!

If you have any inquiries regarding our OFORS food menu order system and its purchase, please Contact Us immediately with your E-Mail address, Restaurant name, and details in few words. We will get back to you at the earliest.

About Us:

We,, are the proud and happy creators of OFORS -- Online Food Ordering System (Indian Style online food ordering systems, and Western Style online food ordering systems). Both these systems are extremely useful for the very busy restaurant owners like you

Online Food Ordering System -- OFORS

What Are Its Benefits For You:

  • Helps you use the powers of internet to bring in lot more business
  • Helps you to bring in lot more customer orders and that too without expanding your restaurant to accommodate them!
  • Your online customers order your food directly from their PC or Smart Phone! This is why you need your own website and an online food ordering system
  • Your food menu is interactive and truly online now, available to hundreds and thousands of existing and new customers to order directly from homes and offices!
  • It means more business round the clock for you now! You do not need more restaurant space for these additional customers to be served! They order online and you deliver the food to them! Means… More profits for your restaurant!
  • Your restaurant is truly online now -- the need of the hour is fulfilled! Your competitors may think of using these methods soon… BUT you are online NOW with an online restaurant business!
  • Get our system when there is no competition now, and the price is kept ridiculously low -- but only for a short while! Get our OFORS (Online Food Ordering System) Now!
  • You can easily attend calls from your home users and office users who call you with online orders
  • The new system is PC and Mobile (Smartphone) compatible and, thus, can be used from offices, homes, and even from gardens and other places by your clients to order food by using the attractive menu which can be displayed even on their smartphones
  • They can order food and send you instructions of where to send them
  • Your customers can reserve seats at your restaurant at the time they choose and you can contact back easily
  • Your site shows them the map directions to reach your restaurant from where ever they are! This is quite an effective Map tool for the new visitors to the town too! They can easily reach your hotel from any place with the help of their Smartphones -- airport, bus stand, railway station, etc.
  • The system has a great blogging tool called Wordpress! Truly scalable and powerful system to have!
  • Wordpress is integrated with the menu, map, and reservation section
  • With Wordpress, you can build a blog, store images of important events, functions, and special occasions
  • With Wordpress, you can even publish your new coupons, and even inform about new events easily
  • OFORS can help you now write your own blog articles about what's happening at your restaurant! Write about those exciting new events, recipes, services, and special offers for your customers! Interact with your customer more and make them feel related to your restaurant!
  • Connect your customers to your FACEBOOK, Twitter, and other accounts through various easily available plugins for WordPress!

Click here to Contact Us to get Demo login details!

OFORS is a ONE-TIME Investment!

No need to pay subscription every month or year. This advanced online food ordering system is scalable, powerful, affordable, and you get a full 3-month support from us.

You can easily add more food menus of your restaurant's branches on your own! In case you wish us to help, can assist you for a small additional payment. If you hire a web designer/programmer to create such a site, it may easily cost you more than $2k if not more!

Request a quote now -- send us your restaurant's details along with its food menu.

OFORS has a complete Administration section (where you can easily manage all food items, orders, and other important tasks) for your online restaurant site:

  • Add or modify new items, categories, and even new restaurant branches to the system on your own!
  • You can build new menus for every branch your restaurant may have
  • Use WordPress' resources (limited only by the resource restrictions Wordpress or your hosting may have)
  • Get fast information about customers' orders and easily keep track of all orders
  • Easuily set up printer and print customer orders for the restaurant's kitchen
  • Keeps related accounts
  • Create new restaurant branches, new menu systems, and keep track of these new branch details separately from other branches
  • More such exciting things to come. You can also watch how many online orders all your branches are getting!

Click here to Contact Us to get Demo login details!

More features of OFORS:

OFORS (Online Food Ordering System) can detect almost all smart phones the user may be using, and then can display the best images of the interactive and user-friendly menu on it. No more exaggerated scrolling sideways. Save your user the trouble of scrolling, especially when he or she is hungry! :-)

Customers' Payment Option: Cash on Delivery (CoD)

The most effective and preferred payment method for food delivery if the user selects the Delivery option. He can also opt for walking in your restaurant and picking up his order.

More options will be integrated at a later date. Once these options and other systems (such as Coupon system, Delivery person system, and so on) are added, the cost of this system can jump significantly, hence order this system now.

Please Contact Us and we will definitely get back to you.

OFORS food order menu system is entirely database-driven menu system. Such a database managed Wordpress system which is also Smartphone compatible can easily cost at least 5 times more in our opinion. Hurry Now and get this exciting online food ordering system NOW while the price is still low!

Many more exiting features are on our drawing board and shall be incorporated in the next versions.

You can use almost any Wordpress theme or template to suit your restaurant.

Please check the new Wordpress theme or template you wish to install to see if it can be used by our OFORS system though.

It is a very simple process, and you can always revert back to the old theme if required.

Backing up files and database is recommended before making changing to the installed OFORS system.

OFORS is a features-filled, very versatile, expandable, database-driven, and Smartphone-compatible WordPress system.

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